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Final Call for Speakers

The inaugural BioLogic Summit, presented by the experienced team behind PEGS Boston and PEGS Europe, aims to unite the biologics community in exploring the transformative potential of ML/AI in the field. The conference will focus on real-world applications and examples that showcase recent breakthroughs in AI-driven biotherapeutic discovery, optimization, and development. Attendees will gain insights into the current possibilities and best practices for data management and model building, which are crucial for the successful integration of these leading-edge technologies.

The event will feature a comprehensive program, including conference track presentations, plenary keynotes, interactive workshops, training seminars, facilitated discussions, and live technology demonstrations. Participants will learn about the latest advances in models for de novo design and optimization, training data generation and quality, ML applications in target discovery and early development and best practices for adopting and implementing these next generation tools. The BioLogic Summit is dedicated to facilitating the near-term implementation of machine learning tools and AI technologies in the biologics industry.

2025 Plenary Keynotes

David A. Baker, PhD

David A. Baker, PhD
Henrietta & Aubrey David Endowed Professor, Biochemistry, University of Washington

Rebecca Croasdale-Wood, PHD

Rebecca Croasdale-Wood, PhD
Director, Augmented Biologics Discovery & Design, Biologics Engineering, Oncology, AstraZeneca

Interactive Elements at the BioLogic Summit

In addition to podium presentations, this event will include a significant number of interactive elements, including moderated discussions, workshops, mini-tutorials, live demos and single day training seminars. Interactive forums play an integral role in facilitating networking with potential collaborators and provide an opportunity to be part of a group problem-solving endeavor. We are seeking instructors and facilitators to lead these sessions. To apply, submit a proposal through the Call for Papers on the website.